Liposuction in Kalamazoo at Parkway Plastic Surgery

For reasons such as heredity or family traits, regardless of good overall health that includes a healthy diet and fitness levels, you may still find yourself with localized pockets of fat that create disproportionate contours throughout your body.

Suction-assisted lipectomy, or liposuction, is a surgical technique used to remove unwanted deposits of fat from specific areas of the body, including the face and neck, upper arms, trunk, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs, knees, calves, or ankles. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction, but a method to remove localized deposits of fatty tissue that may not respond to diet or exercise. Liposuction may be performed as a lone procedure for body contouring or combined with other surgical techniques, such as facelift, tummy tuck, or thigh lift procedures to tighten loose skin and supporting structures.

Ideal candidates for liposuction are individuals of a normal, healthy weight with excess fat on a particular body area. Firm, elastic skin will result in a better final contour after the procedure. Loose skin will not reshape itself to the new contours and may require additional surgical techniques to remove and tighten excess skin. Body contour irregularities due to structures other than fat cannot be improved by liposuction and liposuction by itself will not improve areas of dimpled skin found in cellulitis.

Indications: Contour irregularity related to fat accumulation
Goal/Result: Improve contour and appearance of suctioned area
Anesthesia: General or local anesthesia with sedation
Site: Outpatient
Recovery to Full Function: 10 to 14 days