Parkway Plastic Surgery in Kalamazoo answers frequently asked questions

The professionals at Parkway Plastic Surgery in Kalamazoo have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for you to review. If you do not see your question here, do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us via our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

A referral is not necessary to make an appointment for a consultation at Parkway Plastic Surgery. In circumstances where insurance may be involved with participation in the cost of care, a referral from a primary care provider may allow for insurance assistance in coverage of the consultation fee.

As with all medical care, a correct diagnosis and definition of the improvements that are desired are important in determining an appropriate plan of care. A consultation allows for discussions of your concerns and inspection of the areas of abnormality so that an appropriate plan for improvement can be recommended. This may, in some circumstances, include nonsurgical treatments or care independent of a surgical procedure.

Costs associated with a surgery are routinely associated with specific portions of care (i.e. surgeon, operating room, anesthesia, implants…) which is provided. These will vary significantly with the length of the procedure, the type of the procedure that is done, the complexity of the procedure and the necessary equipment, supplies, operating room facility, and anesthesia which are required. The fees associated with the operating room facility and anesthesia are frequently time-dependent. Longer procedure incur more cost. There are circumstances where combinations of procedures are done more efficiently than single procedures and cost savings can be realized. Before any surgical procedure we will provide for you an estimate of the costs which are likely to your responsibility.

There are circumstances when insurance will cover procedures which are performed by plastic surgeons. This occurs when the procedure is performed for a functional improvement that can be documented and supported by evidence-based medical decision making. Common circumstances where this occurs are skin cancer care, breast reduction, reconstruction of scars resulting in functional impairment, burn care, traumatic injuries, and reconstruction following cancer care.

Recovery varies depending on the procedure performed and may be as little as one to two days for simple excision of skin lesions and up to several weeks for large reconstructive procedures like abdominal wall or breast reconstruction.

We endeavor in every circumstance to provide the improvement you desire as we will have discussed in the preoperative consultation and planning. In circumstances where this does occur, we strive to provide assistance in any way possible to achieve the stated goals.

We recognize complications occur despite our best efforts to avoid difficulties. We are always available for any questions or concerns that arise. In these circumstances, we will provide appropriate assistance and care for you to continue to heal with the best possible result.

The results of plastic surgical procedures last for varying periods of time depending on the procedure, your age, continued associated medical concerns, and individual predisposition. In all circumstances, we endeavor to provide information during the initial consultation and discussion on the anticipated longevity of the improvement that would be associated with the procedure.