How to Maintain your Tummy Tuck Results


Many people work hard to achieve their ideal body, but sometimes the results you desire are simply not achievable through healthy diet and exercise alone. This is where Parkway Plastic Surgery can help with a professional tummy tuck!

Tummy tucks help those who struggle with this common problem area. Even those with a healthy body weight and standard proportions can be plagued by loose skin, a protruding abdomen, or sagging gut. However, the work doesn’t stop with the surgery. Parkway Plastic Surgery shares these tips to maintain the results of your tummy tuck.


Before your surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you the importance of quitting smoking. While most know that smoking is detrimental to your health in a variety of ways, such as contributing to premature aging, you may not be aware that it can specifically have a negative affect on your ability to heal and recover after a surgical procedure. Smoking will not directly impact your visual results, but it does lead to an increased risk for complications that could severely impact your health.


One of the many reasons that someone may elect for a tummy tuck is due to the changes that can come from a pregnancy. Some women find that they’re suffering from a condition called diastasis recti, which is the partial or complete separation of the abdominal muscles commonly caused by pregnancy. Others may find that the rapid weight gain caused a buildup of excess skin or general sagging in the area. While a tummy tuck does not mean that one cannot safely carry another pregnancy, it is advised to wait until after having children to have this procedure. The results of the surgery can be undone by subsequent pregnancies, so waiting can help avoid requiring a second surgery.

Weight Gain

While it may seem obvious, the most important factor to maintaining the results of your tummy tuck is to avoid the most common cause for needing it. Weight gain causes skin to stretch, even with a tummy tuck that removes excess skin and fatty tissue, the remaining skin can stretch again if weight is regained. The key to maintaining your desired results is to continue supporting your body with a healthy diet and exercise. Rapid weight gain is especially important to avoid, so when you’re preparing for your surgery it’s a good idea to avoid things like crash diets or restrictive diets that you don’t plan on continuing. While it’s understandable that you want to hit your weight loss goals prior to your surgery as quickly as possible, a crash diet or coming off a restrictive diet can often lead to the rapid weight gain that will completely undo the results of your procedure. Developing a sustainable lifestyle of diet and exercise prior to your surgery will be the best way to avoid a post-surgery gain.

Follow your After-care Instructions

These three tips for maintaining your tummy tuck are not the only ways you can optimize the results of your tummy tuck. Make sure to address any concerns you have during your consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments. Your provider will discuss with you the proper steps for your after-care as they relate to you specifically. It is very important to follow those instructions and allow your body to rest and heal. Just remember, if you ever have questions regarding your tummy tuck, the team at Parkway Plastic Surgery is ready to answer them and help you achieve the best results!