Aftercare Post Plastic Surgery


Caring for yourself post plastic surgery is an important part of the cosmetic process. Without proper aftercare, it is possible for you to undo some of the efforts that have been made. Recovery varies depending on what was performed and may be as little as one to two days for the simple excision of skin lesions or up to several weeks for large reconstructive procedures like breast or abdominal wall reconstruction.

Similar to when you met with a consultant prior to your plastic surgery, you will set up post-operative care visits scheduled through our surgeon’s office following your surgery as well. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and to avoid any complications because surgery does come with risks – most being avoidable with proper care. In addition to following your doctor’s orders, there are a few other ways to care for yourself to help your recovery.

Many physicians dissuade the use of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications as these could make your bruising worse and lead to

additional bleeding. Bruising and swelling are normal responses for your body. Keeping yourself elevated and using cool compresses can help

to decrease the swelling and bruising without these outside medications – but any aftercare will be specified by your surgeon and if it isn’t, ask! Please remember that the relationship with your plastic surgeon does not end when you leave the recovery room.

Drinking water and resting is also a great and easy way to help your body recover from the surgery. Through these methods your body has more time to acclimate and rejuvenate itself in a timely manner. If you do not continue to care for yourself following the plastic surgery, your recovery time may be longer than need be. Drinking water helps with replenishing the fluids you lost during surgery and resting allows the healing process to take place.

Avoiding too much sun following a cosmetic surgery is a must as UV rays can be harmful to your skin and cause scarring. If you are wearing a compression garment, you will want to avoid too much heat as well, so you are not sweating your garment.

Everyone’s recovery process is different and may take more or less time than others. Do not let this discourage you because the end goal is the same. To feel more confident with your appearance and to have a healthier life.